What is Health and Wellness Spa?

What is Health and Wellness Spa?

What is Health and Wellness Spa?

“Wellness” is a relatively new word that has grown in popularity in the last couple of years within the spa industry. It has become a very convincing argument that can be used by anyone against seeing a spa visit as a mere luxury, a cost that can be easily cut from your budget.


The concept of “wellness” refers to living in a state of health, well-being and vitality that is optimal. This includes everything from having a good diet, regular exercise, and receiving treatments such as massage and bodywork that enable you to perform at your best and live a good and healthy life.

Wellness enriches our lives and makes it more enjoyable when regular visits to a health and wellness spa can become an important part of the wellness plan of an individual.


The distinction between a spa for health and well-being and a resort spa

Traditionally, resort spas offer spa treatments along with some kind of recreational activities such as golf, tennis, swimming or similar, usually taking advantage of their location (e.g. skiing, hiking). “In comparison to a wellness spa that often takes the “all-inclusive” approach, everything is a la carte, more often than not.


However, the lines between a resort spa and a wellness spa have become more and more blurred, making it difficult to differentiate between them. The concepts have somewhat merged, where resort spas take on a wellness spa with certain characteristics, and vice versa. Thus, in some instances, the best aspects of both worlds are combined.


What is health and wellness spa aspects

There are certain elements that define the idea of a spa for health and wellness. These include three specific key areas, including: the food, the people and the spa’s personality.


Food Within

A health and wellness spa does not need to exclusively serve healthy foods. It is necessary to follow several different philosophies. While some wellness spas are aimed at helping with weight loss using limited calorie diets and strict controls of portions, others have an all-you-can-eat approach with a greater focus on training. Some do not serve alcohol of any kind; others can serve dinner with wine. It is possible to achieve wellness in a variety of ways, where both mental and physical health are equally important.



A wellness spa center is surrounded by a spirit of camaraderie in which you are in the presence of like-minded individuals who share the same wellness and health values and interests. In many instances, a wellness spa is relatively small, where only a small number of guests can stay to encourage interaction between all guests at any given time; going on hikes, taking exercise classes, and sharing tables during the stay.



There are a large variety of spas for health and wellness. As long as it envelops the concept of promoting wellness, there is no correct or incorrect way to design one. They can range from hosting only a small number of guests to hundreds of people. Provide the most basic treatments or extremely luxurious treatments.


Spa & Wellness careers

Spa & wellness industry is a service-oriented industry focusing on improving the guests’ well-being. Spa and wellness industry careers offer the opportunity to enhance customers and colleagues lifestyles daily.

If your interest in pursuing a career in the spa and wellness, find Life Wellness internationally accredited courses.


Life Wellness employment opportunities

We are continuously searching for candidates for the following positions:

  • Spa Directors
  • Spa Managers
  • Assistant Spa Managers
  • Spa Supervisors
  • Head Therapists
  • Spa Therapists / Trainee Spa Therapists
  • Beauty Therapists / Trainee Beatty Therapists
  • Spa Receptionists / Trainee Spa Receptionists
  • Alternative Health Practitioners
  • Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors, Pilates Instructors
  • Spa Attendants

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