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Meet Madhiha Naseer

Madhiha is a qualified beautician who is migrating to Australia with her family. She enrolled in IPHM-accredited Swedish massage diploma course to obtain an Australia-recognized spa and wellness credential to aid in her migration visa application. Her goal is to establish her own wellness practices or secure employment as a spa and wellness therapist in Australia. Here is Madhiha's Life Wellness learning experience.
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Meet Wayne Ebert

Wayne Ebert has international experience in the global hospitality industry, having worked in hotels in various locations worldwide, including London, Malaysia, the Maldives and Sri Lanka. His desire to help individuals achieve the best for their lives and his years-long interest in the health-giving power of a therapeutic touch prompted him to pursue IPHM-accredited Swedish massage diploma , and here is his Life Wellness learning experience.
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Meet Yuran Kaluarachchi

Yuran is an associate lecturer at ACBT University in Sri Lanka. He is passionate about wellness and natural healing methods; he wants to live life to the fullest and assist others in doing the same.Yuran is an IPHM-accredited Swedish massage diploma graduate, and here is his Life Wellness learning experience.
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Meet Thasitha De Silva

Thasitha De Silva is a qualified spa and wellness professional and a Life Wellness IPHM-accredited spa management graduate. He works as the lead spa supervisor at the Aman Resort Galle, Sri Lanka. Thasitha enrolled in the Life Wellness spa management diploma course to advance his career. Here is Thasitha’s Life Wellness learning experience.
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Meet Sanath Gamage

Sanath Gamage is a certified spa and wellness specialist with international experience. Sanath desired to participate in a spa management diploma program in order to establish and grow his own spa and wellness business. Here is his Life Wellness learning experience.
What is Health and Wellness Spa?

What is Health and Wellness Spa?

"Wellness" is a relatively new word that has grown in popularity in the last couple of years within the spa industry.

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