Spa Operators in Sri Lanka

Spa operators in Sri Lanka

Spa Operators in Sri Lanka

Why should you choose Life Wellness as your SPA operator?

It is far from a secret that it is difficult to get the spa business right. The hard truth is from Spa operators in Sri Lanka an experiential point of view,there are many operations in this space that run at a loss or fall short.

It can be a complicated and confusing process to determine the best starting position or continuous route forward for a hotel or resort spa. It involves obtaining a firm understanding of the available options, balancing each one’s risks and rewards, and examining considerations as they relate to the core values and location of the property.

The ultimate goal is seemingly simple to define, but it has proven difficult for many operators to accomplish: to provide a phenomenal on-property spa that delivers consistent and outstanding guest experiences and increases key performance indicators, including ADR, occupancy rates, average guest spending.

In order to achieve this objective, the harsh reality is that there is no one size fits all prescription.


Disadvantages of running its own hotel/resort spa operations 

  • In the absence of having the correct in-house skillsets to lead and manage this business, one of the greatest risks to the internal operation of a spa is doing so.
  • It is a company that can be difficult to get right and, if struggling, will be financially, operationally and experientially underperforming.
  • It is a potential drain, specifically time and money, on resources.
  • In-house spa activities for owners and resort managers who are already wearing a number of hats and juggling a variety of other roles and responsibilities are a potential headache.
  • It can be a challenge to find qualified personnel and manage high turnover rates.


Advantages of Life Wellness partnership  

  • Hotels are able to cater to an increasing number of travelers looking for innovative, authentic, one-off spa and wellness experiences.
  • Curated concepts of spa and wellness and signature programming can blend seamlessly and further enhance the excellent guest experience and core brand values of your property.
  • Consistent and exceptional guest satisfaction can be produced by tested and established standards and operating protocols and procedures.
  • In order to respond to seasonal and market changes, the spa business itself can be flexible and agile, fluidly pivoting to meet immediate operational and experiential demands.
  • A well-operated Life Wellness spa will function as an additional hotel profit center, drive key performance indicators throughout the property, and provide experiential wins that fuel loyalty, referrals, and virtual recommendation, adding immeasurable value.
  • Life Wellness provides ownership with a level of trust and convenience.
  • A headache-free, rewarding solution to the complicated spa business can be a successful partnership.

Life Wellness Solutions

Empowering Wellness

Life Wellness premised on love and passion for wellness, life, and service.

We uphold our vision and thrive to remain abreast of the ever-changing, dynamic technological and scientific innovations as regards our wellbeing and good health. In a bid to be the preferred spa & wellness service operator, we create award-winning spa brands, spas, and spa concepts, including our own brand Life Wellness that can be applied to any 5-star spas and wellness centers.

Serving you a blend of our experience and passion, we provide you with an internationally recognized wellness curriculum that will equip local talent with skills, tools and knowledge to take advantage of all the opportunities in the wellness world.


Life Wellness Philosophy & Concept

The majority of people report feeling that their modern lifestyle is dictated by a constant demand to perform, leaving our senses and mind on high alert. No wonder so many of us feel stressed with that kind of pressure on us all the time. According to recent studies, our immune system is easily weakened by stress, leaving us vulnerable to a long list of illnesses.


In response to this development, a lot of people are now trying to adopt a different lifestyle approach — a healthier and more balanced way of living. Balanced living and health are all about adopting the right mindset to help us live life to the fullest.

Wouldn’t you rather live a longer life, with time to feel good about yourself, and maintain your youthful look as years go by? — Most people certainly would, and that’s what has sparked the increasing popularity of wellness treatments.

Life Wellness provides a result-centred approach to promoting happiness, inner health, and visible results, through the four pillars of holistic wellness:

  •    Peace of mind,
  •    Frequent exercise,
  •    Proper nutrition,
  •    Body and face care.

The wellness facilities and luxury spas developed and managed by Life Wellness combine facilities where you can exercise and take care of your body, with access to knowledgeable fitness and nutrition coaching, body, face, skincare and wellness treatments, and our peace of mind activities. — All offering the perfect settings to break away from the stress of daily life, and recharge your batteries.

Regardless of your personal preferences, our spas offer excellent facilities to restore your body-mind connection and return with much more energy than when you came.


Learn more about Life Wellness

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