Meet Wayne Ebert

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Meet Wayne Ebert

Wayne Ebert has international experience in the global hospitality industry, having worked in hotels in various locations worldwide, including London, Malaysia, the Maldives and Sri Lanka.


His desire to help individuals achieve the best for their lives and his years-long interest in the health-giving power of a therapeutic touch prompted him to pursue IPHM-accredited Swedish massage diploma , and here is his Life Wellness learning experience.


I gained immense knowledge on the technique and step-by-step massaging skills required to complete a professional Swedish massage on a client as internationally prescribed, thanks to the unwavering efforts of the skilled trainers at the Life Wellness Academy, who were extremely resourceful and thorough in the impartation of their knowledge.


I also learnt much more, which gave me a rounded understanding of providing care and dealing with the client professionally, with attention to the finer details of being a professional Swedish massage therapist that extended beyond the acquired skills in massage.


My professional goal of being thoroughly equipped to give a wellness experience to a client that is complete in every facet, was achieved.


I highly recommend this course to other students who wish to be grounded in the skills relating to Swedish Massage, which are ably disseminated by dedicated trainers who are professional and encouraging and are grateful for all that I gained, thanks to the efforts of the Life Wellness Academy.


Learn more about Wayne’s wellness practices and services.




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