Meet Yuran Kaluarachchi

Life Wellness Student Success Stories

Meet Yuran Kaluarachchi

Yuran is an associate lecturer at ACBT University in Sri Lanka. He is passionate about wellness and natural healing methods; he wants to live life to the fullest and assist others in doing the same.


Yuran is an IPHM-accredited Swedish massage diploma graduate, and here is his Life Wellness learning experience.


Thank you for conducting the course and the examination procedures. It was an exciting experience to learn at the Life Wellness Academy. The study was organized and planned well. It was conducted very professionally, following international best practices.


I thank all the instructors. You have made all the effort to make all the arrangements ready for the proper conduct of the program. I am glad that I could follow the Swedish massage course in Sri Lanka at the Life Wellness Academy. Please accept my sincere appreciation for providing that opportunity to us.


Sri Lanka needs training institutions like Life Wellness Academy and the service of professional trainers. Life Wellness should continue this good work; it will benefit the wellness industry in Sri Lanka. Life Wellness Academy can produce trained wellness practitioners who follow the correct techniques and globally accepted standards, which is a great contribution. I take this opportunity to wish the Life Wellness Academy all success in the future.


I will be in touch with Life Wellness for assistance in pursuing my wellness journey, and academy guidance is always valued.


I wish you all good health and happiness!


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